Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Linux is for Old People

Do you have old people? You know, people that don't know that the monitor is not a computer. People that don't know how computers catch viruses. Well, if you do, I would suggest for you to install Linux on their computers. Why would you install a POS, super hard to use OS for someone that does't even know what an OS?

Well, for two reasons. One being that Linux has gotten easier to use. Check out Ubuntu. The other is that Linux doesn't get viruses.(Because not a lot of people use it.) And if your old people are like my old people, then this means that they will call you a lot less. I installed Linux for my parents and they haven't had any problems yet.  

If you do want to give it a try, here are a few tips.
  • Try it out Ubuntu on a USB first to make sure that you have all the drivers you need.
  • Get an HP Printer or a printer that has linux drivers. I had a good experience with Lexmark.
  • Get Samba to share files between Linux and Windows. (If you actually need networked filing) 
  • Avoid broadcom drivers. 
  • If you do install Ubuntu, go to this website to install some fun apps and services. (And no command line!)
  • Is there a Windows app that you need to run? Use Wine and see if you can install it. Just check the website to see it the app runs well. Some apps that you can run under Wine: WoW, Steam, Star Craft II Retail, Photoshop cs3
  • Wine not helping? Then get Virtual Box. You will need an actual copy of Windows. (Not recovery discs)


  1. and Mac is for new people!
    you should view my page if you need some humor :D

  2. trying ubuntu and i find it pretty cool..

  3. I enjoyed your point of view in this post

  4. love the title ;]

    XP > all, failing that - WIN 7.. I'm using win7 due to its all new fancy bollocks and dx10/11 =]

  5. cool idea, i might try on my parents

  6. Linux is tight. open source ftw!

  7. I love open source and all but I gotto agree with this

  8. My Nana managed to break her computer, i have no idea how but she cooked the motherboard.

    Other than that she ran XP pretty well

  9. Linux is great! I support it! I love it.. but learning is hard.

  10. Sometimes ease of access and features are in direct opposition.