Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dream Log Entry 10/19

I wrote this a while ago. I was planning on going over it again to check for errors. Ive been pretty busy, so Ill just post what I have. This is one of the dreams I had a while ago. I usually have these kinds of dreams.

Scene 1

I'm standing up holding some kind of warm drink. There are a lot of people around me and I know most of them. They are from my Senior Design class, except for a few new faces. We are gathered in some kind of small resort.

Outside is a red sun in the horizon. Mountains stand defiantly against the strong gusts of wind and a few pine trees bask in the red glow of dusk.

Everyone is talking about the experiences in Senior Design giving tips to the new students. I find the conversation dull so I go around the room to say hi to everyone not talking. Everything seems normal till I get to someone that is playing the piano. I'll call him Roger. As I extend my arm to shake his hand, he looks at me with a smile and says "Sorry, can't shake your hand. I had an accident." He raises his right arm to show me broken ulna. His arm doesn't have any kind of cast and is just there hanging. His arm forms an obtuse angle and I can see part of the bone, white as the snow outside. I can also see the ruddy flesh from the wound, but there is no blood. Roger dose't mind it and in fact he seems to be enjoying it. I look at his arm for a while and then direct my attention to his face. He has a bright smile.

Scene 2

I'm in one of the resort's cabins with a lot of people; none which I can recognize. Sitting at a table, there is a lot of food and wine. There is a poinsettia center piece with a dark, red color. Around the center piece are candles that provide the only light source for the cabin. The flickering flames the shadows dance on the walls of the cabin. Shadows which are unrecognizable and that seem to have life of their own.

I look at the end of the table to see a very attractive hostess. I could not distinguish her features, but I knew only one thing: I wanted her. I knew how to get her, what to give her; I just had to go back to school. I left the warmth of the cabin in search for that something. Outside was a wooden deck that felt rough. Outside there was only silence and cold; the world felt empty, devoid of any humanity.

Scene 3

Im at school, or what I call school in my dreams. This school has the feeling of the original but grittier and darker. In this version red and black are used a lot more.

I wonder around school looking for the something that would get me the Hostess, but I have no luck.

After what seems forever, I open a door that reveals a room that seemed to me like a mechanical or boiler room. To my left was a wire mesh stair case and to my my far right, a wall . In front of me, an open space of about 900 sq. feet and a corridor along the wall to my right. I couldn't tell how far the corridor went because it was covered in darkness after just a couple of feet. This room was decorated with red and black stripes running along the walls.

As soon as I open the door, Im greeted by someone who I can only describe as devilish. Standing from the staircase, it looks straight into my eyes with a pale, expressionless face. "You're not supposed to be here ... right? "
I knew at that moment what that room was. I've been there before in my other dreams. Shit happens there. Weird, fucked up shit that I didn't want to go through that night. I wanted to go back to the Hostess. I asked it if it knew where I could find what I was looking for. I didn't get an answer. Just a blank look.

Scene 4

Having no success for whatever I was looking for, I decided to go back to the cabin. Apparently, I had been looking for a while because it was early morning. The deck was covered in ice and I was being careful not to slip. At a distance, I see someone that looks like a one of the Hostess' siblings. He's wearing a grey hoodie looking down at the floor. His hands in his pockets and the hood over his head.

I feel someone coming from behind and turn around. It's three people from the cabin, no older than 17. One of them is riding a black horse and is wielding what looks like a 5 foot saw sword. It had big pronounced teeth and is more saw than sword. The other two were holding a bat and ,surpassingly, a tennis racket. They seem to be waiting for the Hostess' sibling.

The Sibling quickly reached me and the kids behind charged. At this point I turn around. The kid riding the horse raises his sword and swings for the sibling's head from my left. I instinctively raise my left hand and proves to be a very bad move. The sword cuts trough my flesh, hits one my bones and proceeds to make a cut two inches before it reaches my elbow. The ice is stained in red. A big piece of flesh hangs from my arm.

I take the Sibling under my bloody arm and run towards the cabin only to find a locked gate. (That wasn't there before.) I jump over it and run towards the door. It's locked also.

To the right of the door is a hand rail. One of the kids jumps on it and assumes a squatting position. He looks at me intently with a faint smile. The Hostess opens the door and looks frightened. The kid with the saw sword, now unmounted, approaches me, the Hostess , and her sibling. His head is down covered in shadows, but I can definitely see a smile.

I look back at the kid on the hand rail. He hands me two Barbie dolls that are facing down. I take them with my right hand. The dolls feel warm. I can fell a pulsing and a presence coming from them. They're alive. I look back at the kid. He does't say say a word, but I know what he's trying to say.

I become aware of his presence. I've met him before in my other dreams. I am frightened. I know what he's capable of. I want to protect the Hostess, but I know I can't. I fought this kid before and he is not human and neither are his companions. What was I supposed to do? Fight them just so they disembowel me. Fight them knowingly that they were going to eat my entrails while I watch? I could't do that. I did't want to go through that again.

Im sorry Hostess. I really am. I hope that your death was quick. But, who am I kidding? I know that it was hell.

I took the dolls in my hands and put their necks in my mouth. I looked into the kid's eyes; his smile gets bigger. I bite down hard and blood comes gushing out. I wake up.

The creatures gave me a way out and I took it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Short Guide on Passwords

One of my friends has been using his passwords for quite a long time and pretty much for everything. Too bad that last week one of his accounts was hacked and then pretty much everything else followed. I thought that his habits were horrible. So, I will give you guys a real short guide on how to create passwords.

Step 1. Pick a phrase you wont forget

Step 2. Haxor it up however you want

I have a set of rules that I follow for every password. Try to keep all your passwords consistent otherwise you will have problems remembering. You don's have to have really long passwords like the examples just make sure that its not too short. 

Step 3. Salt it for multiple sites
 Step 4. Rotate it
Don't use the same password for long periods of time. Change it every so often.

Also, if you need to write your password change that caps for every letter. At least if they find it, they have a hard time deciphering or maybe even give up.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nautilus Elementary Now with ClutterFlow in Maverick

Maverick Meerkat just came out and it comes with new nautilus elementary features. You have to add the ppa and install it, but it is pretty cool. Andrew from made a nice video on the features that Nautilus Elementary has. Check it out.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Claymore and Top Gear Update

So a few days ago I told you guys about these shows and I just wanted to give you a an update.

First, I completly stopped watching Claymore. It just started to feel like a DBZ and bleach mashup. The story progressed, but it felt like it was action centered and I didnt like the action.

I am still watching Top Gear and I can actually understand what the hosts are saying. Top Gear is just fun to watch. Yesterday, I was watching as they tried to destroy an old Toyota Hilux  and man was it fun to watch. Pretty much every episode is fun to watch and they always have really cool cars.

Out of these two I would really recommend Top Gear.  

Friday, October 15, 2010

Im back

I took a short break and I will be going through my comments today.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Top Gear

Ok, so that last post about Claymore was nerdy, so I decided to make a less nerdy post; I will suggest to you Top Gear.  Top Gear is a British show that is a mix of Mythbusters and exotic cars and the results is exquisite. If you are not used to listening to a British accent it might be a little hard to follow, but you get used to it.

Anyways, exotic cars, guys doing stupid things, watch it on Netflix!!!