Sunday, October 17, 2010

Claymore and Top Gear Update

So a few days ago I told you guys about these shows and I just wanted to give you a an update.

First, I completly stopped watching Claymore. It just started to feel like a DBZ and bleach mashup. The story progressed, but it felt like it was action centered and I didnt like the action.

I am still watching Top Gear and I can actually understand what the hosts are saying. Top Gear is just fun to watch. Yesterday, I was watching as they tried to destroy an old Toyota Hilux  and man was it fun to watch. Pretty much every episode is fun to watch and they always have really cool cars.

Out of these two I would really recommend Top Gear.  


  1. Hmmm ive never heard of claymore.. i am now intrigued

  2. if Claymore was action-centered then it sure as hell could not have been a DBZ-Bleach mashup, as these two had nothing but 2 people talking with and screaming at each other :D

  3. Still havne't looked into Top Gear, I will this week lol

  4. nice!! I wish I could work for them