Sunday, September 12, 2010

Last, Thursday I decided that I was going to try the new KDE 4.5. I had tried the new KDE 4, but it was way too buggy for me to be usefull so I had to go back to my Gnome desktop on Ubuntu Lucid. Well, KDE 4.5 now has less bugs and it looks great! Although it still has some bugs, I decided to keep it for a couple of weeks. Here are a few things that I decided to do to KDE in order to be more useful to me.

Change Button Layout

KDE by default has the window buttons on the right. I have been using Ubuntu Lucid for quite a while and I got used to them on the left. I like them on the left! Sorry. Here is some screenshots that guide you to where you can put them on the left. (System Settings > Window Appearance > Configure Buttons)

Make Gnome-Do Work Better

I know that there is KRunner for KDE, but it just doesnt feel like Do. But Do does't work well right from the start you need to do some changes. Just follow the steps in the "Window Layer Bugs" section in the Gnome-Do website.

Get Amarok to Play MP3s

When I wanted to play some music Amarok didn't play MP3s. Just run the next command.

sudo aptitude install  libxine1-ffmpeg

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