Sunday, September 12, 2010

Few movies have scared me, The Exorcist, but a few weeks ago I saw a movie that disturbed me, scared me, and surprised me. This movie was Oldboy. This Korean movie directed by Park Chanwook follows Oh Dae Su though this really f-ed up ordeal . Ill summerize it in a few sentences for you:

Guy gets imprisoned for 15 years. Guy gets out and is mad. Gore. Guy looks and find person that put him in jail. Gore. Triple twist ending.

By the end of the movie, you will think that the Sixth Sense was for kids. This movies just gets better and better and when you think its going to stop it gets better. ( Better meaning more disturbing.) If you are up for a good action film with lots of blood and have an open mind; see this movie. Do not see with your parents or children.

Although, this film is bloody, you will find something here that you might not expect... heart.